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Silent Rose - "Cycle of Madness"

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Silent Rose - "Cycle of Madness"

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Band Bio:

After spending the most part of 2012 writing and recording the debut album, “Eradicate-Reinstate” set for release later this year, the spine-shaking sounds of Silent Rose cannot be silenced much longer. The band is gearing up to bring a blend of heavy rock, metal, hardcore and unforgettable melodies to new audiences around the world.

Inspired by the addition of 7string guitars, endorsed by ESP, the band has now taken a new heavier direction with their music. Multiple tunings, more screaming vocals and a new face on bass have all added to the shift in genre.

A new chapter has now begun, but the mission statement remains the same. Work hard, push boundaries and expose as many people as possible to the shattering sound that is Silent Rose.

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