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Hymnosis - "Unconscious Suicide"

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Artist Bio:

With beginnings as a basement band out of Pincourt (in Ile Perrot), Hymnosis is a sleeping giant just waiting to explode on the local scene. Since 2001, we have evolved our hardcore and progressive influences by adding some Pantera groove to our songs. We are a metal band that doesn't follow any particular music wave and by doing so, a larger audience can enjoy what we do. Our line up has pratically always been the same: Laurie Alexander-drums, Pat Goyette-Vocals and bass in studio ( Pat is also a sound engineer at the studio Planet in Montreal) S.P.L-Guitar and Bob Lalonde-bass. We tank our old bassist Alex Fournier with whom we've had two studio sessions.

We’ve realesed, in april 2011, our first e.p named : « Unmasking Faces ». This e.p was recorded and mixed by our singer Pat Goyette. All the visuals (c.d, logo, web etc …) are made by our bassist : Bob Lalonde. « Unmasking Faces » was written and produced by Hymnosis. We can't wait for Hymnosis to finally get out there! So if you like what you hear, don't hesitate to contact us either to do a show with us or to go have a beer! See you soon!

About The Video:

Doing Unconscious Suicide video was a lot of fun and a great experience. It was a lot of work on the same day tho. We had some meetings to brainstorm before but on the day we filmed it we arrived at the venue around 10:00 am and we got out around 5:00 am, so it was a pretty intense day! We played the song about 40 times and our head,back and neck continued hurting for about a week after. Filming the scenario parts was really funny. Dom did an amazing job!!!

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